What are TrollCoins? ($Troll)

TrollCoin are a crypto currency, secure collectible digital points of value that cannot be duplicated, forged or otherwise tampered with, making them suitable for instant value transfer between two users anywhere in the world.

There are many ways to store Trolls. Keep them safe on your computer, even safer by backing up to a USB thumb drive, or transfer them to a cloud wallet for easy access. Keep in mind that you give up control of your funds when stored in the cloud, such as TrollCoinBot or Bleutrade. If those services shut down, you could lose your balance.

Transfer Trolls for a ridiculous low fee in a matter of seconds, all over the world. Current fee to make a transfer in the TrollCoin blockchain is 0.01 $Troll or ~$0.00001

Approximately 558 million TrollCoin exist today,  169 million were destroyed during Bleutrades coinswap leaving ~389 million in user & exchange wallets (August 2017). Additional Trolls are continuously mined at a rate halving periodically (currently 60 Trolls per minute) until the final 900 Millionth Troll has been mined.

Most people will obtain Trolls via TrollCoinBot, or purchasing directly on a digital currency exchange. However, anyone can, with a bit of effort, mine TrollCoin using custom mining hardware called Scrypt ASICs. You can also earn Trolls by maintaining a balance on your local wallet & leave online to support the network, earning periodical Troll rewards through a process called Staking.

The TrollCoin digital currency protocol & network was initially launched on February 14, 2014, then re-launched as a new blockchain (TrollCoin2) on November 30, 2015 with a 30 day coin swap hosted by Bleutrade.com